My beloved grandma was always asking "did you bring the iPad?" when my Mom visited her to show photos and videos. She was 94.



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This is my bike.


The Social CEO


Gery Keszler

I don't want any parties, I don't want a red carpet. I don't want to dance, and I don't want music either. I don't want a VIP area, no buffet, no spotlight, and no celebrities. I want the Life Ball to not be necessary anymore, for we have prevailed over HIV. Until then, we need the support of donations and sponsors, who help us every year to achieve our goal.


Car-inspired fixie bike project

Eight part video series about a fixie bike project from Antwerp, Belgium.


Future iPads, iPhones with glass frame, hidden cameras?

iPads half their width every 2.5 years so I wonder when it approaches 1mm by 2020, what iPads will look like.

Some people think they will look like this:

However, it will never be practical to cover some of the screen in order to hold the device. I think it will be more like this, only the other way round:

With the other way round I mean the frame will be all glass, and only the display will have a back plate. See this one and think the other way round:

The back of the iPhone 5 already hints in this direction, and one can imagine the top to be glass all-through, and the aluminium being the back plate for internals and display:

The glass could of course still be coloured black or white, like the glass frame is coloured now:

Or Apple goes back to transparent glass like in the sunflower iMac from 2002:

Such a thing would probably look like this:

It's uuugly: because it makes something obvious: the front-facing camera will not sit very beautifully in a glass-only frame and wouldn't make a good reference to the legendary translucent 1998 iMac either.

So, I think the camera will go to the center of the device and be hidden behind the display:

This will also work in Macbooks and iMacs of course:

And until 2020 there should be enough time to develop it, right? :-)