Future iPads, iPhones with glass frame, hidden cameras?

iPads half their width every 2.5 years – so I wonder when it approaches 1mm by 2020, what iPads will look like.

Some people think they will look like this:

However, it will never be practical to cover some of the screen in order to hold the device. I think it will be more like this, only the other way round:

With the other way round I mean the frame will be all glass, and only the display will have a back plate. See this one and think the other way round:

The back of the iPhone 5 already hints in this direction, and one can imagine the top to be glass all-through, and the aluminium being the back plate for internals and display:

The glass could of course still be coloured black or white, like the glass frame is coloured now:

Or Apple goes back to transparent glass like in the sunflower iMac from 2002:

Such a thing would probably look like this:

It's uuugly: because it makes something obvious: the front-facing camera will not sit very beautifully in a glass-only frame and wouldn't make a good reference to the legendary translucent 1998 iMac either.

So, I think the camera will go to the center of the device and be hidden behind the display:

This will also work in Macbooks and iMacs of course:

And until 2020 there should be enough time to develop it, right? :-)