Random thoughts on Apple Car, part six

That’s so true and obviously *the* key motivator for tech companies and especially Google to pioneer this. It’s their business model to sell ads against the use of digital media. The more usage, the more business.

The smartphone „revolution“ was huge, but it was a total sum of many many micro moments of internet usage, which haven’t been monetized before. With the car, it would be much longer strings of time as a whole that would turn into consumption.

The implications may be much different than with the smartphone: Where the iPhone enabled many short tasks like doing email, playing short game episodes, and things like Twitter. The car may be more about longer activities like productivity/work, watching movies, and shopping.

Whatever the consumption will be, there’s only so much time in a day – and self driving cars may open up one of the last big chunks of time that wasn’t open for business so far.